Macrame Cat Hammock


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This beautiful original design Macrame cat hammock is made of 4mm high-quality pure nature cotton ropes, Strong and durable.
The cotton ropes we use in this product come from Shandong Province.

The cotton produced in this place is shiny and has long fibers. The cotton ropes made from this cotton are soft, durable, and shiny.It also is Environmentally friendly without a chemical smell, healthy for cats and the human body.

Every cat likes to climb high places. They like to bask in the sunlight in winter and cool off by the windowsill at dusk in summer.

Hanging this nice boho cat hammock beside the window or sofa, make your Cat enjoy his/her life in a peaceful time. Added two feather toys on the solid wooden stick for cats to play with.

The carefully woven beautiful pattern makes this cat hammock also will be a beautiful delicate wall hanging in your house. And It is well gift packaging, will be a good birthday gift, housewarming gift & mother’s day gift.

Additional information

Weight0.37 kg
Dimensions320 × 320 × 50 cm



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